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PLAYSPACE : sci-fi / action / adventure short film(final film will have an approx 14 minute runtime)

PlaySpace is currently in post-production, getting VFX added to the edit, but check out what we've been up to while we work.

PlaySpace is our second foray into the Adventure Girl universe. It's a place where two young sisters may or may not be imagining that teddy bears can talk and form armies, a giant spaceship hanger exists under their home, and they have the mental and physical abilities to be superheroes. Join us for our epic, sci-fi adventure!

The Adventure Girls is a planned mini-series of action/adventure films starring two young girls and a very Bad Teddy. We also have a limited edition comic book version of the films in the works.

The short film series consists of:

  Tea Time Interrupted (episode 1 - completed)

  PlaySpace (episode 2 - post production)

  Little Giant (episode 3 - post production)

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