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Sean Foy :

Director, Cinematographer,

Editior, VFX Artist

Starring: Devon Foy

When a four-year-old girl’s tea-time with a few stuffed friends is unexpectedly interrupted by an incoming missile, she is forced to flee an onslaught of lasers and guided rockets. After returning fire with a special secret weapon from her Dora-the-Explorer backpack, she triumphantly rises amidst the rubble to face her aggressor.



Tea Time Interrupted was an impromptu film, shot over an hour or so one afternoon when Devon was only four-and-a-half years old. In order to keep things moving quickly, each room was lit with only a single panel light. A green screen was used in only one of the two key scenes where I really needed it.


Afterward, the special effects took about a year, as I studied online tutorials and taught myself. We designed the logo together and have since completed principal photography on the second installment, which will feature Devon alongside her younger sister River, two walking/talking stuffed animals, and a teddy bear army in space.

The Adventure Girls is a planned mini-series of action/adventure films starring two young girls and a very Bad Teddy. We also have a limited edition comic book version of the films in the works.

The short film series consists of:

  Tea Time Interrupted (episode 1 - completed)

  PlaySpace (episode 2 - post production)

  Little Giant (episode 3 - post production)

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