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YB Cubed Productions

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We create professional videos to promote your company, product, or personal brand to the world.

YB Cubed provides video producing, writing, directing, filming, and editing services for TV, web, in-house production, and more. We've created videos for clients across the U.S., in Canada, and Europe in industries ranging from sports, music video, news, corporate, education, reality TV, medical, documentary, narrative film, and general entertainment.

So - what’s your story? Let us help you tell it to the world. Send us a message today about your special project.


Why Be Cubed? Live outside the box.


Owner/operator Sean Foy has been in the video production industry for over 25 years.

Sean has directed numerous commercials for such organizations as the L.A. Angels, Samuel Adams, and the Ducks & Wild Hockey teams. His directing work on a short-film series for the Angels, starring Dave Lander ("Squiggy" from Laverne & Shirley) was nominated for a Golden Matrix Award.


Sean has also served as Director of Photography on individual interview and talk shows for AMC, Fox Sports, MSNBC, CNBC, and on productions for Ocean Spray, to name but a few.

He's directed, shot, and edited music videos, web commercials, films, sports, concerts, and industrial spots for over two decades. Over this time, Sean has established a strong team of professional crew-members, in order to provide you with the video quality your brand deserves.